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One Sole Purpose Relaunched Edition – SKIDROW

One-Sole-Purpose-Relaunched-Edition-SKIDROW One Sole Purpose Relaunched Edition - SKIDROW

1495062071_557_One-Sole-Purpose-Relaunched-Edition-SKIDROW One Sole Purpose Relaunched Edition - SKIDROW
Relaunched Edition Note: The day after CODEX released this it was pulled from Steam, as the suffered from alot of issues. Today it was relaunched and therefore we decided to release this as a “Relaunched Edition”.

Release Description:
Travel through space expanded exponentially around the year 3000. Humanity found a substance that has infinite energy. Humanity was able to reverse engineer the substance to allow it to enhance certain technologies humanity wanted to improve on. Fast forward, the year is 4900. You are Michael, a well renown doctor on Mars and the brother of a famous engineer whose name is Sameer. Sameer is responsible for engineering suits and weapons which can harness the power of the reversed engineered energy. Michael finds out that his brother has been missing for the last 6 years and is wanted dead by the government for reasons that are confidential. Unfortunately Michael also starts to hear and see things. One in particular is a alien with a humanoid appearance that claims to be part of the race that created mankind. Only Michael can see this entity, therefore Michael starts to question his sanity. As his insanity spirals downward he is determined to find his brother before he loses himself to madness.
Time, teleportation and physics-altering abilities.
Different environments that are beautifully designed make the game graphically immersive.
Story that will keep the player on the edge throughout the whole play through.
Explore the universe by entering different planets and space stations with each particular area offering something unique and enticing.
Numerous bouts of action blended together make this game unforgettable.
Usable Vehicles.
Relatively low price tag for a great action packed gaming experience.
1495062071_706_One-Sole-Purpose-Relaunched-Edition-SKIDROW One Sole Purpose Relaunched Edition - SKIDROW

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Size: 12.8 GB


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