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Watch Dogs 2 *2016* [MULTI9-PL]

small_1329045781 Watch Dogs 2 *2016* [MULTI9-PL]

Watch Dogs 2 to druga odsłona hakerskiej serii Ubisoftu. Jest to przygodowa gra akcji, w której gracz trafia do wielkiego świata przepełnionego najróżniejszymi misjami. Za tytuł odpowiada Ubisoft. Gra zadebiutowała na PlayStation 4, Xboksach One i komputerach osobistych.


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12 komentarzy

  1. Thompson napisał(a):

    Anyone have any codes, because I can not pass the mission of Jack and Ashe where I have to protect them.

  2. SamiX napisał(a):

    What is the additional file Patch_1.16B? What it changes, because I do not know if I install?

  3. FeliXMaster napisał(a):

    support the speech of others, the game great! But you could actually do something with this ad at the Download Manager because antivirus haywire and download time you have to turn it off. Apparently nothing, but still a little bothered. I know you probably have for it was some $, but the council can not bypass this somehow?

    • Mr. Cracked napisał(a):

      Unfortunately, at the present moment we keep it server which, due to heavy traffic is quite expensive, to the costs of translation for each entry you are also not cheap 🙁
      Information has already been reported to advertisers but we do not know whether formally being able to do something about that.
      We need to be patient and count on it with us forgive these minor inconvenience.

    • Robson1992 napisał(a):

      In total, it bothers some, but all in all you can get over it. You disable antivirus software on these tens of minutes, and after downloading again turn on. As for me, for what they are doing, and so no big deal.

  4. Sonick1992 napisał(a):

    Downloaded and installed, I recommend the game! In my opinion, 10/10! much better than the previous version!

  5. Raphael88 napisał(a):

    Thanks, everything works but do something about this ad at the Download Manager, because you have to disable the anti-virus to download …

  6. Rokko napisał(a):

    I stopped at 74% percent, but after 20 minutes moved further: D

  7. Anaka89 napisał(a):

    Dziala jak trzeba, w sumie jak zawsze 😀 Gierka 7 w 10 punktowej skali. Ale to chyba ze wzgledu na to ze moj PC tego nie ogarnia xD

  8. Granpan666 napisał(a):

    If someone stops during the download, I recommend enable and disable, or rather stop and resume the download. Moving right away then.

  9. feks3883 napisał(a):

    The game is great, actually I stood on a mission to the Lieutenant who wants to stop me and I need him escape. I’m not sure where I get a blind alley. But it is only a matter of time, unless you have any advice ^^

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